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Why 'The Looking Glass' you might well ask?

The Looking Glass is a contemporary, creative network for ambitious women to meet, share ideas and generate new business.  

But why 'The Looking Glass' you might well ask?  Whilst reading to my daughter the amazing adventures travelling through Wonderland, I was struck by the similarities between Alice and myself.  No, of course I don't chase white rabbits down holes but I have certainly had tea with Mad Hatters, met Dodos and been in the company of fat cats who disappeared leaving nothing behind but a huge grin!    

In the modern business world, I have found it necessary to reinvent myself several times over.  Like many busy women I also found myself needing to fulfil the challenge of many different roles - as Alice says, 'I knew who I was when I got up this morning but I think I must have changed several times since then.'  To meet these often competing, sometimes confusing demands, it was necessary to stretch, shrink, bend out of shape simply to get through the doors of the commercial world.  Support networks I attended - and there were many - didn't seem to grasp the complex realities of my working life as I was experiencing it. And of course, the more I talked to other working women, the more I realised that it was not just me who felt like this - in fact, there were many, many women out there puzzling out 'who they are going to be from one minute to another', just like I was.

Armed with these thoughts, I was sure that it must be possible (a bit like Alice, I think that few things are really impossible) to create a forum for like-minded women to meet, and to do so effectively and easily without madly chasing rabbits around, providing cost-effective personal and professional development opportunities.  So...The Looking Glass was born: a network genuinely for modern women.  

Professional business women, networking at a Farnborough event.

Like a mirror, it reflects the real lives, attitudes and aspirations of business women around us.  The Looking Glass can help you gain insight into who you are and what you want through story sharing, advice generously given and valuable tips from other women.  If you are, like Alice, curious - and frankly, did you ever meet a woman who isn't! - The Looking Glass is a great platform to learn from others, to explore new ideas and to hear of innovations which others have tried and might just be right for you. 

I hope you'll join me and so many other working women from a rich variety of backgrounds and business experience by stepping through the glass into a Wonderland of ideas and inspiration! Recent changes in the way we work brought about by the pandemic have meant that we have to innovate and to conduct ourselves differently.  We are so much into expecting strange things to happen now that it's beginning to seem perfectly normal; in fact, many of us are questioning why we ever did things in 'the old ways' in the first place!  

Actually, women are very good at adapting to change.  The 'new post-virus normal' offers us many opportunities to re-organise the world in ways which may just help busy, working women juggle their multiple roles and demands more effectively than ever before.  As we navigate these choppy waters, I sincerely hope that The Looking Glass  will continue to provide you with the vital, dynamic support you need to survive and thrive.

Tracy Jarvis

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