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Member Blog: Frustrated by your internet speed, try these top tips from Hampton Business Services.

Updated: Jun 8, 2020

So how's your internet speed coping???

What was once just me working from home with great speeds.....is now me, my husband, 2 children (homeschooling) and all our meetings being held via Zoom or Teams! Oh, and throw in facetime calls from both children too 😲

There is no wonder ours was struggling to keep up. During the COVID-19 crisis, Internet access is more essential than ever for all of us working remotely - and it is indeed one of the biggest complaints I've heard from people recently.

So... if your internet is struggling to keep up with all you do, here's a few tips to help improve your speed:

1. Turn off wifi on devices you aren't using.

2. Make sure your router is in the right place and away from interferance like cordless phones, baby monitors etc. (the nearer you are to the router, the better your signal will be, and therefore the faster your broadband)

3. Try a booster (wireless or a powerline one)

4. Opt for wires over wifi (not an ideal or attractive solution but an Ethernet cable is able to transfer data at a faster rate than Wi-Fi can because it doesn't encrypt data as wireless routers do.)

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