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Why was The Looking Glass created and what is it about?

Updated: Jun 8, 2020

The Looking Glass Network was established in 2018 by Tracy Jarvis to help like-minded, professional business women to meet, connect, grow and develop.

As a mother and a busy executive, Tracy found that the network groups she was attending were not working for her. They were often early mornings - difficult due to the school run - and when it was possible to attend (with grateful thanks to a friendly offer to take daughter to school) they didn't really hit the mark. As Tracy says, "I just wasn't meeting the right people and rarely came away feeling inspired; that I'd used my time productively. I was looking for a networking group which gave me energy, understood my need and helped me to develop as a professional individual."

So in 2018, because Tracy couldn't find what she was looking from existing networks, she decided to create her own and one that she hoped would be useful to other like-minded women in similar positions.

Starting a new project is always exciting, as it is difficult, but Tracy is no stranger to bringing visions to life.

In 2018, she founded an innovative charity, The Community Matters Partnership Project. A charity that unites local businesses to work in close collaboration in order to address local community priorities. Corporate volunteers work together through CMPP to 'give back' and implement Corporate Social Responsbility programmes, creating an army of employees to help transform school grounds, create new resources, support not-for-profit organisations, give time, skills and expertise - responding to the needs of the community.

Tracy was raised in North Town, Aldershot: a highly deprived working class community. She was the first in her family to gain a degree; she uses her own story to encourage and help motivate others to champion and have confidence in their own ideas and beliefs.

To contact Tracy, email: tracy@thelookingglassnetworking.com

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